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Outreach Services

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Bookmobile Schedule

Our Outreach Services coordinates the majority of the Library's activities that occur outside the Main Library's physical locale, including the Bookmobile, Home Delivery Service, and Deposit Collections. We also provide Golden Prairie Public Library District residents with special programs throughout the year. Continually expanding and evolving to meet the needs of our community, Outreach Services has grown to encompass a number of services for those with special needs.

A library on wheels, the Bookmobile currently visits 42 stops every three weeks in the city of Bloomington and the Golden Prairie Public Library District (Arrowsmith, Bloomington, Dale, Dawson, and Old Town Townships). It weighs 27,000 pounds, is 35 feet in length, and is 11 feet 3 inches tall. A resource for all ages, the Bookmobile has about 3500 items. A popular collection of bestselling fiction, seasonal nonfiction, music, feature films, and video games available in a wide variety of formats including books, paperbacks, large print, magazines, audiobooks, blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs.

The loan period for all items checked out on the Bookmobile is three weeks. Customers may request any item that is not on the Bookmobile.

Customers who live within the city limits or in the Golden Prairie Public Library District, may obtain a library card from the Bookmobile at no charge. We also renew expired library cards and replace lost cards. There is a $2 fee for the replacement of lost cards. If you would like to know when the Bookmobile comes to your neighborhood, please click on the Schedule link on the right side of this page.

Bookmobile stops may be cancelled because of holidays, weather conditions or mechanical difficulties. When stops are cancelled, fines related to the missed stop are forgiven at the next visit. If you have any questions, please e-mail or phone 828-6092.

This map corresponds to the Bookmobile Schedule

  • Green arrows indicate A Week Stops
  • Blue arrows indicate B Week Stops
  • Red arrows indicate C Week Stops

Click on an arrow to see the stop name and list of dates the Bookmobile will be at the stop.

How do I know if a Bookmobile stop is cancelled?

During inclement weather, tune in to one of the local radio stations for an announcement about the Bookmobile. These stations are WBNQ 101.5 FM, WJBC 1230 AM, and B104 FM.

You can also check the library's Web site. Emergency cancellations will be announced on the homepage. Bookmobile stops are also cancelled when they fall on a holiday or a time when the library is closed. If the library is closed, the Bookmobile does not run.

What is the amount charged for overdue items?

Daily and total overdue costs per item are:

  • Children's items - 5 cents a day to a total of $2
  • Adult or teen items - 10 cents a day to a total of $5
  • Videos or DVDs - 50 cents a day to a total of $10
If I miss my stop, can I return my materials at another stop or at the library?

Yes, you can. However, overdue fines begin to accrue the day after the due date. To avoid fines and renew your materials, e-mail or call the library at 828.6091 ext. 221. Items cannot be renewed if someone else has a hold on them or if they have been renewed once already.

Can Bookmobile materials be returned to the Normal Public Library?

Yes, the Normal and Bloomington libraries work cooperatively in the same library system. Simply allow a couple of days for the items to get back to their home location.

Can items from the Normal Public Library be returned to the Bookmobile?

Yes, we can return Normal and Bloomington materials for you. For items from the Normal Public Library, allow a couple extra days for them to be sent back.

How long are materials from the Bookmobile checked out for?

Everything is due in three weeks, which is the time between Bookmobile stops. If a holiday occurs on the day of your stop, materials will be checked out to you for six weeks.

What types of items are on the Bookmobile?

Materials for all ages, including books, magazines, videos, DVDs, CDs, and audio books on cassette and CD. The bookmobile offers almost everything the library does. See what's new on the Bookmobile by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter!

How can I get a schedule of Bookmobile stops?

You may receive a free schedule at any Bookmobile stop, at the library, or by calling and requesting one through the mail. Call us at 557-8921.

What is EXT?

Outreach Services used to be called the Extension Department. To better reflect the variety of services we offer, the name was changed several years ago. However, the cost and number of hours of staff time to re-label the collection is not justifiable. So older titles in the collection are labeled EXT, newer items have OTR on them.

Are items in the Outreach collection, as listed in the library's catalog, available for check out at the library itself? If so, how can I get them?

Yes, they are available. If you are at the library, the staff at the Adult or Children's Reference Desks can get the items for you. If you are at home, call the library to request that the materials be held for you at the Check Out Desk.

Are all items listed as OTR in the catalog on the Bookmobile?

No, they are not. The Bookmobile carries about 3,500 items. The collection contains about 36,000 items. So most of the titles are in Outreach Services. If you want a specific item, call the library to request it or fill out a Hold card. We don't want you to waste time tracking down the Bookmobile at a stop only to learn that the item you want is not on the vehicle.

If you have any other questions, please email or phone 828-6092.

If you cannot visit the Library, either temporarily or permanently, and are a Bloomington resident, you are eligible for Home Delivery Service. If you reside in Golden Prairie Public Library District, see our Books-By-Mail Service.

Examples of the types of customers using Home Delivery include: a pregnant woman on bedrest, a person with a broken leg, seniors unable to use public transportation in the winter, homebound individuals, and persons undergoing treatment for cancer or other serious illness.

Materials available for delivery include books, large print books, magazines, blu-rays, DVDs, and audiobooks, and CDs. A library staff member or volunteer will deliver the materials to your home on a specified day each month. Materials will be selected for you based on your reading interests and special needs. The Home Delivery Service Coordinator will process your application, setup your library card account, and get you started receiving materials.

If you are interested in signing up for Home Delivery or have any questions about this free service, please contact us 828-6092 or email

Deposits are a collection of books loaned to nursing homes, senior centers, child care facilities and other community agencies throughout Bloomington. Collections of 50 to 250 books are specially selected for each site. Volunteers deliver to these sites on a rotating schedule every eight weeks. Deposit collections contain an assortment of reading materials, depending upon your needs.

If you are interested in starting a deposit collection or have any questions about this free service, please contact us at 828-6092 or email

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